Central Dosage Systems (CDS)

The SPHERE CDS is an automated solution used for the fulfillment of prescription orders. The system make use of 3 robotic modules and a storage carousel is specifically designed to produce a finished labelled blister pack of medication ready to be shipped to the patient with 100% traceability from the order of the medication through each process to the final delivery.


  • Automatic de-nesting of pre-manufactured medical card and blister packs
  • Card and blister packs inducted onto process line
  • Air blast used to remove possible contaminates
  • UV light used to kill bacteria
  • Tracked into next module using barcode scanners

Pill Picking

  • Robot presents drugs from carousel
  • Each drug carrier has unique tooling to prevent cross contamination
  • Robot automatically changes the tooling
  • Pills are picked directly to the blister pack

Sealing and Printing

  • Labelled to Patient level
  • 100% verification
  • No need for pharmacist check