SPHERE Box Cutter increases throughput, saves costs on manual labour and hugely increases safety levels in your process by eliminating the use of blades by operators. The SPHERE Box Cutter automatically measures the size of each box to automatically find the cut pattern required eliminating the need to run boxes in batches of similar size. Servo drives produce accurate cut depths every time ensuring no damage to your product.
Box Cutting applications include warehouse returns, warehouse goods in, medical analysis, food production lines and many more. SPHERE’s box cutter can easily be integrated into existing conveyor lines or supplied as part of a larger SPHERE system with automatic case extraction.

  • Open up to 1,500 boxes per hour with a single machine
  • Blades automatically adjust to box dimensions
  • 3-sided and 4-sided cut available
  • Servo driven blades ensure accuracy of blade depth and cut
  • Higher throughput, lower costs, increased safety