Door Milling

SPHEREs Robotic door milling robot is leaps and bounds ahead of convention routing and CNC technology.  A 6 axis robotic set up along with an automatic inter changeable tool set means this machine is much more versatile than anything else on the market.

Time consuming door and window milling processes which were heavily dependent on manual tool changes and frequent programme changes are now a thing of the past.  The SPHERE Milling robot can reduce the time taken to complete these process by up to 50% and totally remove the need for manual intervention.

This system coupled with an automated infeed is the perfect solution for any company who want to put themselves ahead of the competition. The SPHERE Milling Robot can easily be integrated into existing lines or can be supplied as part of a turnkey system.

– Fully automated door and window milling

– Higher throughput at lower costs

– Fully automated tool changes

– Endless tooling options

– 6 axis control can deal with the most intricate shapes

-Pre-programmable recipes on control panel

– Fast changeovers