High Speed Verification

SPHERE have developed an inline high speed verification system for 100% Verification suitable for both canning and bottling lines. Through use of 6 high definition cameras, a 360 degree scan of the product is obtained for label verification as well as a 7th camera to detect lid placement and colour. System can operate at up to 400 cans per minute with automatic reject included and zero shipping errors. SPHERE’s solution offers a rapid changeover between product batches with cameras automatically re-adjusting position and settings in seconds.

  • Verify up to 400 items per minute
  • Quick change over between product batches
  • Cameras automatically adjust to correct settings for each product
  • 7 Cameras scan all sides of product and Lid
  • Barcode verification as well as lid colour and lid placement

Automatic High Speed Reject included:

  • 1 in 10,000 incorrect rejects
  • Zero shipping errors