Innovation through experience

SPHERE Global UK have partnered with Picavi GmbH to offer the latest in innovative Pick-by-Vision technology.

Pick-by-Vision is the latest technology in warehouse picking solutions.

With its order picking system, Picavi GmbH is making smart glasses usable for practical applications in warehouse logistics. The innovator Picavi is supported by experts with decades of practical experience. They are familiar with the issues of highly modern intralogistics and the associated IT topics. Managing Partner Dirk Franke has already brought a start-up in the intralogistics sector up to the top of the global market. He’s aware of order picking work processes – right down to the details.

Pick-by-ThePast; After the realisation of paper based systems downfalls, saw the growth of picking technologies within warehousing intralogistics and infrastructures. The next step up from using paper based picking systems was Pick-by-Scan using handhelds or terminals, then Pick-by-Voice.

SPHERE Global UK are aware that it is imperative that new technologies are developed and implemented to effectively improve distribution.

SPHERE Global UK along with our partner Picavi has revolutionised picking technologies within warehousing intralogistics and infrastructures with the development of Pick-by-Vision.

Pick-by-Vision…TheFuture; is an order picking system that uses Smart Glasses for order picking in warehouse intralogistics. Pick-by-Vision combines the benefits of Pick-by-Light and Pick-by-Voice by visually guiding the picker through the warehouse using a highly flexible and adjustable solution. The visual aspect of Pick-by-Vision is a highly essential aspect of Pick-by-Vision as 80% of all information conferred to us throughout the day is taken in and processed visually.

How Pick-by-Vision works;

The picker obtains the information required for the pick in real time via the Smart Glasses, allowing them to invariably and reliably check storage spaces and item numbers. For a pick to be verified, the Smart Glasses adopt a compulsory barcode scan feature, to ensure that the correct item has been picked, all of this is in action, whilst the picker has both hands completely free.

Process guidance with smart glasses – advantages at a glance;

  • Both hands free for the actual picking work
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Optimized warehouse routes, precise and mobile head-up process guidance
  • High pick certainty and speed, even with a high picking density
  • Non-tiring and easy to learn, even for new employees
  • Fully transparent – in real time and after every process step
  • Flexible workflow configuration, modifiable at any time
  • Seamless integration, low installation and subsequent costs