SPHERE’s SMART LABEL provides on-demand labelling for warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution operations. SPHERE provides solutions to automate the tasks that operators typically perform such as manually scanning, waiting for a label to print, applying the label, as well as any verification required.

Print and apply labelling systems operate in conjunction with conveyors that present the product to the system. SPHERE can easily integrate labelling systems into an existing operation or provide as a standalone system. SMART LABEL can easily be integrated with SPHERE’s range of checkweighers, cubers, conveyors and sorters to provide complete manifest systems. A typical labelling system will consist of a barcode scan to identify product, conveyors for infeed, labelling and out-feed, a print and apply machine, a verification scanner to confirm printed label and software for communication to host WMS.

Print and Apply Labelling Applications Include:

  • Shipping and order fulfillment
  • Receiving goods to label for putaway
  • Manufacturing with serialized or batch goods(Cubi Scan)
  • Food and pharmaceutical compliance labelling
  • Barcode and RFID Tag Verification
  • Corner Labelling
  • Compliance Labelling
  • Cross-Dock Labelling