SPHERE Automation provide a range of state of the art sortation systems using the latest and innovative technologies. Through use of SPHERE’s in-house sortation software module, AutoSort, products are tracked through a sortation conveyor and diverted to the correct location.

Our sortation systems are used in a range of industries for multiple applications including receiving and put-away, ship sortation, sort to pack, cross-docking, weight categorisation, reject systems and more. SPHERE’s experienced engineers can advise on the most suitable sorter for your requirements based on product dimensions, weights, throughputs and other varying factors.


SPHERE’s SA Sort 500 is used for sortation of a large range of product shapes and sizes. Capable of sorting large boxes up to 30kg, to small bags such as frozen peas, on the same sortation line, at speeds of up to 40 parts per minute. Working together with SPHERE’s sortation software modules, motor driven paddles on a pneumatic hinge are used to collect and drive the product into the sort destination to smoothly transfer product to its sort destination without damage. Capable of sorting such a large range of product dimensions as well as irregular objects, SA Sort 500 is an ideal solution for many medium rate
sorting applications.

SPHERE’s SA Sort 510 is typically used to sort small items such as CD’s, DVDs, Books, Jiffy bags, blister cards and small parcels at up to 80 parts per minute. SPHERE’s unique design allows for the gentle transfer of products from the sortation conveyor ensuring no damage to the product. The most common choice of sorter for SPHERE’s Sort to pack solution where individual items are sorted to pack stations for orders to be packed and shipped. Products can be sorted directly into mail bags, yorks, gravity chutes or many other custom designs based on customer requirements.

SPHERE’s SA Sort 520 up transfer is typically used for the transfer of boxes, totes and trays. Capable of sorting products at up to 60 parts per minute. Capable of sorting products of 800mm x 800mm footprint to as little as 150mm x 150mm. Larger custom size transfers are also available. 24V DC Interroll rollers are used to transfer product at 90 degrees from the direction of travel with weights of up to 35kg.

SPHERE SmartSorter allows products to move in any direction/orientation that is required. It is designed for products with flat bottom surfaces. The Smart Sorter is an under belt transfer solution. SPHERE SmartSorter is ideal for high speed bi-directional sortation of a large range of product sizes from small jiffy bags to large boxes.
This sorter operates by two conveyor belts running in opposite directions from each other to divert the parcels.
The SPHERE SmartSorter has the capability to sort products at up to 5,000 items per hour. The modular design allows for the capability to simply add additional sort locations as and when your business requires. The SPHERE SmartSorter can be easily integrated with other SPHERE products including conveyors, scanners, labelers to provide a full turnkey solution for your needs. Combined with the SPHERE AutoRoute software module products are tracked and diverted accurately to all locations.