SPHERE’s AutoReceive software is a must for any company who have large numbers of products coming in to their factory each week.  This software will give the customer total control of the infeed of goods from the back of the truck until storage.  This software module provides a superior product tracking process for incoming goods as well as providing performance diagnostics for this process.

SPHERES AutoReceive software removes a large percentage of the manual input of data for incoming goods by automating the process of how it is sent to the customer’s WMS

This system works best when coupled with labelling, scanning and conveyor hardware.  Product barcodes are scanned coming into the factory and the products can either be re labelled or sent to the correct destination on conveyor or pallet truck by the WMS.

  • Automatic input of data to WMS
  • Fewer mistakes when placing products into storage
  • Faster and more efficient when unloading trucks
  • Removes human error
  • Full traceability of incoming goods