SPHERE AutoLabel is a complete software system for automatic labelling solutions, including verification and product distribution. SPHERE AutoLabel is designed to control the flow and handling of items for labelling. The design of SPHERE AutoLabel ensures precise label placement and prevents mislabelling of products by managing accumulation prior to the labeller. SPHERE AutoLabel also allows for complete verification and traceability of products throughout each process.

Combined with SPHERE’s state of the art labellers, conveyors, CubiScan and sorters SPHERE can provide a complete manifest solution with the aid of AutoLabel along many other applications. Labelling applications controlled and monitored by AutoLabel include

  • Shipping and order fulfillment
  • Receiving goods to label for putaway and storage
  • Manufacturing with serialized or batch goods (CubiScan)
  • Food and pharmaceutical compliance labelling
  • Barcode and RFID Tag Verification
  • Corner Labelling
  • Compliance Labelling
  • Cross-Dock Labelling