SPHERE AutoSort is a comprehensive solution for automatic sortation, routing and merge control used in many industries for a wide range of applications. The AutoSort software module provides superior sortation tracking and acknowledgement, plus the performance diagnostics and reports necessary to maintain a high volume operation. AutoSort accurately tracks product along the sortation conveyor before diverting product to the correct location every time.

Configurable parameters and drop down menus give maximum flexibility in routing and sorting. Authorised personnel can change destination of cartons on the fly with the simple click of your mouse. Mapped routing and sortation routines can be saved for use at a later date, producing maximum flexibility allowing for multiple sortation rules to be implemented at different stages of operation.  The sortation logic supports all common forms of routing and sortation such as Random, Sequential, Priority, Round Robin, First Lane, Single Lane, Zone Route, Wave, and Consolidation.

SPHERE AutoSort is utilised with all of SPHERE Sortation hardware to ensure accurate sortation of your products. AutoSort can be easily combined with SPHERE AutoComm software module to provide a complete interface and sortation package.